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Trigger Point Injections

Trigger Point Injection Therapy in Sarasota FL

source url live exchange rates Trigger points are tight bands of muscles that are unable to relax due to fatigue or overuse. Stressed muscles often spasm, creating the painful knots and bands associated with trigger points. These trigger points are sensitive to the touch, and many times irritate surrounding nerves and other soft tissue.

http://www.tangotec.com/?sitere=strategia-opzioni-binarie-forum&ee2=8a The professionals at Platinum Healthcare Physical Medicine offer Trigger Point Injections to relieve patients of the painful symptoms associated with constant muscle spasm. TPI therapy is a safe, non-invasive alternative to painful steroid shots. The injections contain a compound that helps muscles relax and release tension.

rencontre d'amis dans le 84 TPI therapy has been proven to alleviate muscular pain and myalgia in the muscle and throughout the body:

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